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Gyration Motion Sensing Remote Control


Model GYR3201US


Only 1 left in stock

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The Gyration Motion Sensing Remote Control for media center PCs provides in-air control of the PC’s cursor via patented gyroscopic motion sensing technology. This means mouse-like cursor control, from anywhere in the room without the need for a flat surface. There is no line-of-sight requirement so you don’t have to point the remote at the PC you are controlling.

•  remote control handset, GYR3201US
•  2.4GHz USB transceiver, GY1401-005
• user’s manual with remote learning codes

Requires two (2) AA batteries which are NOT included.
A driver disc is NOT included.

Please be certain this product is compatible with your system prior to purchasing.  For more information please visit the following links:  this wiki page and this forum discussion.


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