Condition Guidelines

The purpose of these guidelines is to provide the customer with a reference point for understanding the notations made regarding a product’s condition.  These notations can be found on the product page in the area directly below the Product Title and Price.  We believe these notations to be self-explanatory, but are inclined to provide this outline here in an effort to maintain expectations and clarity.

Items within the Apparel & Accessories category can be designated as follows:

NEW is the equivalent of New With Tags (NWT).  All NEW items within Apparel & Accessories are new, never worn or washed, and still have product tags attached.

NEW, WITHOUT TAGS (NWOT) means the item is still new and unworn, but the tags have been removed.

PRE-OWNED items have been previously worn.  These may display some minor visible use but still look good or near new.  All pre-owned clothing has been washed.  Obviously, this means the product tags are long gone; however, in the case of pre-owned shoes the shoebox may still be available and will be noted accordingly.

Items in all other product categories, excluding Apparel & Accessories, can be designated as follows:

NEW means it is unused and unopened, with retail packaging and factory seals still intact the same as it was when originally purchased.  In some cases, a product is known to be unused and untouched, however there may not be a factory seal present because none existed in the first place.  These will still be noted as NEW.

NEW, NO RETAIL BOX means the original retail box/packaging is no longer available.  This might occur if a product was opened for intended use, but remained unused for whatever reason.  It DOES NOT mean the product is a “factory second” or refurbished unit, or that there is anything wrong with the product.

NEW, OPEN BOX means the original retail box is included, with all other product packaging still intact, but the factory seal is broken.

NEW, NO UPC means the UPC label has been cut out from the product tag or retail box.  When the UPC is gone it usually means it was needed by the original purchaser to redeem a manufacturer rebate.  Again, it DOES NOT signify a “factory second” or refurbished unit, or that there is anything wrong with the product. We still consider the product NEW because it has never been used.

USED are those products we know to have been used, or display signs of visible use.  By virtue of being listed here for sale, the product has been determined to be in good or better condition and thus suitable for selling.  Used products may or may not include the original retail box.  Unless noted otherwise, the photos shown for a product listed as used are photos of the actual item for sale – in some listings a stock image may be shown for reference.

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