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LIFX Smart LED Bulb with Infrared


Model LHA19E26UC10P



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LIFX + Smart Wi-Fi LED Light Bulb – Incredible Colors, Whites, and Night Vision
Model LHA19E26UC10P

Live in a smart and safe home with this LIFX LED light bulb. Each light is engineered to make getting started simple, with all of the technology built into each light, leaving you to seamlessly connect major smart home platforms and devices. This 1100-lumen LIFX LED light bulb also has an invisible infrared light to enhance night vision footage captured by your security camera.

Compatible with most 100 – 240V fixtures – For wide-ranging use. Not designed for use with other fixture types.
11W of power – Deliver the equivalent of a 75W standard halogen floodlight bulb for efficiency.
LED light bulb – Designed to provide longer, more energy-efficient illumination.
1100 lumens light output – Efficiently illuminates a dark area.
Easy to control – Works with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and the Google Assistant.
Dimmable – For versatile lighting options when used with a compatible dimmer (not included).
Color Range – 16 million colors with cool to warm whites.
Lasts up to 22.8 years (based on 3 hrs/day) – For efficient use.
A19 shape – Along with a medium-screw base enables simple placement in compatible lighting fixtures.
Infrared night vision – LIFX + emits an infrared light invisible to the human eye, yet crystal clear for your camera. Pair with your 900nm – 1000nm infrared security camera (optimal at 950nm).


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