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IKEA FRYSER 6-Piece Cookware Set




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IKEA FRYSER 6-Piece Cookware Set — Turquoise

• 4.7 QT Pot with Lid
• 2 QT Saucepan with Lid
• 11″ Saute Pan with Lid

• Body: Aluminum, Non stick coating, Tinted lacquer
• Handle: Phenolic plastic, Stainless steel
• Rivet: Aluminum
• Lid: Glass
• Knob: Phenolic Plastic

• Steam vent reduces pressure so that food does not easily boil over
• The pan has a rounded interior, which makes stirring and beating easy
• Easy grip handle makes the pan easy to lift
• Suitable for use on gas cooktop, ceramic glass cooktop, electric cooktop
• Handwash only

Here is the link to the Manual for more information.

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