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Classroom Lever Cylindrical Lockset


STANLEY Security Solutions/BEST Access Systems
Cylindrical Lockset #73KC7R15D-STK-626



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Stanley/Best medium-duty cylindrical lockset with Classroom function and contour angle return lever, product #73KC7R15D-STK-626

Classroom function locks are controlled by a key in the outside cylinder, which locks or unlocks the outside lever.  There is no means of locking or unlocking the outside lever from inside the door.  (Such a feature would require a lockset with the Classroom Security function.)


Lock core NOT included.

BACKSET: 73KC = 2-3/4″
CORE HOUSING: 7 = 7 Pin housing (accepts all Best cores)
FUNCTION: R = classroom
LEVER: 15 = contour angle return
TRIM STYLE: D = 3-1/2″
STRIKE: STK = standard
FINISH: 626 = satin chrome

Please refer to manufacturer’s website for more information.

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